You’ve got the power

Under the Unders

I clearly showed my position last week when writing about how we should have fun and how this relates to luxury lingerie, without sexualizing them. How we should wear beautiful pieces on an everyday basis ans stop saving them to “special moments with someone else”. I didn’t realize how I contradicted myself until the day before yesterday.

At class, we were talking about clothes and the material used in every piece… eventually the conversation grew to undergarments (it’s amazing how my friends find a way to talk about undergarments when I’m around!) and the whole french study about bra and sagging. My friend 1 started saying how my friend 2 never wore any bras and 2 said that she wore, but she prefers sports bras, that she liked to wear beautiful lingerie only in special occasions with her boyfriend.

Oooh, my friend 1 looked at me, knowing how I was…

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