My Personal Account of Sex Education Received at Secondary School.

Ramblings Of A 20 Something Fem

This is a blog post I wrote for the brilliant organisation, Education For Choice.

I left school three years ago in 2010. The sex education I received there was pretty shoddy. We learnt how babies were made in science, but didn’t learn very much about contraception. We had one lesson on it. In it we were told about condoms, where a teacher blew one up and rubbed Vaseline onto it until it popped. We weren’t told about the vast amount of different contraception’s that were out there available to use.

Thinking back on it now, I feel at that point when we were fourteen years old; too much attention was paid on teaching us how to make babies, when they should have been concentrating on teaching us how to prevent them along with STDs. When I got into year 10 (fifteen) things changed slightly. My form teacher was pretty good…

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