“I Did Right” – WIGS’ “Lauren” Series Packs Power & Punch

The Stretch For Something Beautiful

The future of TV is changing – no longer do we wait nightly for our shows to come on. With time-shifting, PVR-ing, and the Internet, we’re able to catch shows anytime we want to. And YouTube channel and producer WIGS has jumped on that bandwagon. Their series are completely online, accessible at any time. And that’s good for me, as a busy freelancer, writer, nanny and full-time social media specialist – I don’t always have time to watch shows when they air.

As my friends will attest, I follow Troian Bellisario‘s work very closely, because I admire the heck out of the lady. She’s an amazing actress, able to take any role and turn it into her own. I originally discovered her on Pretty Little Liars, but I reviewed her recent indie movie, Consent, last month. This month, I’m reviewing her fast-growing-in-popularity series, Lauren.

I’m going…

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