Patriarchy is not your fault, but it is your responsibility.

Queer Guess Code

Patriarchy.  What a dirty word.  I’m scared to use it in my posts because it almost guarantees a severe and mindless reaction from so many people.  I would bet my first-born child that this word is only controversial and difficult to talk about  because whenever the topic of patriarchy comes up, so many men in the room feel attacked.  Rather than creating an atmosphere of healthy, productive discussion, it creates an atmosphere of hostility and defensiveness.

One of my readers recently made this comment in passing:

For example, the very idea of a patriarchy, one of the root tenets of feminism upon which so many of their grievances are based, can not be interpreted any other way than as a directed attack against men. So to say that feminism does not promote misandry is self-defeating.

This hurdle is catastrophic.  It halts productive discourse, creates anger between men and women, and…

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