European sterilization of transgender people more widespread than thought


Trans and Intersex People: Challenges for EU LawTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — It was a rape of a trans woman in Sweden that brought to attention the ‘sterilization before legal gender change’ law that was on the books in there and in what I thought was just a few other European nations. As it turns out, most European nations have a similar law. In fact, it would be simpler to list the countries that don’t have the sterilization requirement — the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal. (Sweden is dropping their requirement this year and Hungary apparently doesn’t enforce theirs.)

So what of Germany, France, The Netherlands and twenty-six other European countries? Stunningly, sterilization is still required before a gender change can become legal.

Human rights organizations consider sterilization human rights abuse, the United Nations consider it torture and it is somewhat surprising that there isn’t stepped up efforts from within these countries’ governments to reverse these conditions.

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