On Elizabeth Smart, Sex and Worth: People Are Not Gum

Julie Gillis

I cannot believe, in 2013, that this statement needs to be made.

People are not gum.

People do not get used up from sex. People are not like chewed pieces of Trident or like dirty toothbrushes because they’ve had sex.

Elizabeth Smart, a formidable and courageous young woman, who was kidnapped and sexually assaulted in 2002 (and who was found, recognized and rescued in 2003), has formed a foundation to educate children on sexual crimes. She also now promotes comprehensive sex education.

She was widely asked, “Why didn’t you run away?”, a question I can only fathom was asked out of some kind of magical thinking that “that would NEVER happen to me!” and ignorance of the Stockholm effect, instead of real empathy for her (or other survivors).

In this article at Think Progress, she states an emphatic “why” to that question-because her education on sex indicated that once she…

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