How Comedy Made Me A Feminist

Thought Catalog

The other day, my Twitter feed went abuzz after a comedy website published a Tweet that missed the satire mark, and landed on the sexism in poor taste mark. I’m not surprised. Some of the most sexist drivel I’ve ever heard has come from the mouths of so-called comics. And yet, it was comedy that helped me to find my feminist voice.

Before starting college, I was just a shy student who didn’t know a womanist from an organist. That began to change when I joined an improv comedy group my first semester. During one of our early rehearsals, we did an exercise called status, the goal of which is to understand how a character’s status affects the way he or she engages in the world. We talked about what status feels like, when you have it, and when you don’t. We shared our experiences and observations, and after that…

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