Ron Lindsay’s rant

Gravity's Wings

So if you weren’t aware, this weekend, CFI hosted the Women In Secularism conference, which, by all reports, was amazing.  They had great speakers, great panel discussions, and apparently everyone had a good time.

Well.  Except for one thing.

The opening speech was given by Ron Lindsay, President of CFI, and he took that opportunity to give a “what about teh menz?” talk.  It was rather disappointing, and several people called him out on it, including Rebecca Watson.  You should read her post here, because the rest of this isn’t going to make much sense without it.

Anyway, Ron decided to respond.  And by “respond”, I mean “dig himself an even deeper hole.”  He starts out by saying

Rebecca Watson inhabits an alternate universe.  At least that is the most charitable explanation I can provide for her recent smear….  It may be the most intellectually dishonest piece…

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