Men should be feminists, and feminists should stop hating

Words by Nicole Froio.


Feminism doesn’t mean man-hating, it means equality. The word on the mean streets of the internet is that feminists don’t care about men, and don’t really believe in equality – they want women to get privileges men have been getting for centuries.

‘Feminazi’ is a disgusting name to call women and silence them. It is true that some feminists feel that way though. Unfortunately, some women really do hate men, and want them to suffer like we have for centuries. I’ve seen women make this mistake over and over again, and dismiss ‘men problems’ because women have it so much worse. But each new generation needs to be educated, and only has an indirect connection to our suffering of centuries we left behind before they are. If this education isn’t given, or offered, things like misogyny, sexism, objectification and hate will brew. So feminists shouldn’t hate, they should educate –…

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