How much intolerance does it take?

Deliberate Donkey

If women started harassing men the way men harass women, how long would it take before intolerance would be effective in stopping the epidemic?

My bet is it wouldn’t take decades.

What if this became the norm?

asswhoopMy bet is this wouldn’t become the norm.

What if every time a man bent over to adjust his shoes, to pick up dropped keys, to peer into a window, he was at risk of being harassed, ogled, demoralized, humiliated simply because he had a penis?

My bet is men wouldn’t tolerate being harassed, ogled, demoralized, or humiliated based purely on the possession of a penis.

Women aren’t tolerating being harassed, ogled, demoralized, or humiliated because of breasts, but we aren’t getting very far with our intolerance. Violence against women is an everyday occurrence, and so is bragging about being violent against women. Check Facebook.

Women, Action, & the Media is a group working to fight the tolerance and acceptance of violence against…

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