Shaming teen mothers for no reason

Gravity's Wings

Feministing highlights an initiative by the Candie’s Foundation that tries to prevent teen pregnancy and ends up doing far more harm than good:

May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, which basically means it’s the season for teen mom shaming. And damn if the Candie’s Foundation doesn’t deliver! On May 1 they revealed their new celebrity-endorsed PSAs, which include lots of messages that provide the super useful combo of shame and no actual helpful information whatsoever. I want to throw up all over these.

You can view the PSA’s here, but I’ll save you the time.  They’ve all got the common theme of telling teen girls that if they get pregnant, they won’t have time or money for anything else and their lives are ruined forever now.

Feministing sums it up nicely:

How about some real solutions? How about increasing access to contraception and abortion for young women who don’t…

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