Laughing at Violence Against Women


image001“There’s a huge amount of online activity devoted to cultivating horrific impulses toward women,” says former sex-crimes prosecutor, Jane Manning.

For instance, while Facebook prohibits content that is hateful, threatening or incites violence, rape didn’t count until recently. It took a massive campaign to stop pages with titles like “You know she’s playing hard to get when you’re chasing her down an alleyway.”

Or, an upskirt picture of a woman lying face down on the floor was recently posted on Facebook. It got comments like these:

  • Id wake her up the HARD WAY and later say it wasn’t me
  • She also would have woke up feeling sticky and used!
  • Whuts da ho’ doin on da flo’ ?
  • An found a used codom in side of her
  • any man worth his salt would fuk it now

On Facebook it was easy to see who had viciously mocked the victim…

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