Sex In Texas? At Your Own Risk. Ohio Too!

Reblogged from Julie Gillis

Those of you who have known me for awhile know that I’m a big proponent of sex.

Sex. I said it. Heck my testimony for SB5 which Texas State Senator Wendy Davis read for the RECORD, said SEX.

Sex is a normal human biological drive. People have sex. People worry about sex. People feel shame, fear, anger, confusion, joy, desire, and often guilt about and over sex. Our media is highly sexualized, yet our culture places a huge level of control on sexuality. Too much? Too young? Not enough? We make pills for men (and now for women) all while telling teens NOT to do it.

We have had Texas governments strip away education on sex and encourage abstinence only, just to see teen pregnancy rates rise and STDs explode.

So yeah, that’s working. And it is in the sense that destroying reproductive rights supports a permanent poverty class (GOOD JOB, CORPORATE REPUBLICAN OVERLORDS!), but it’s not working for real. Like, to support families, health, and education of our citizens.

Hell, it’s so bad here that we even have our own blog, authored by the fearless writer and sex educator Julie Sunday, “How To Have Sex In Texas.” Cause things are getting weird, y’all.

You all have been reading about SB5 and all that’s gone on this week. Dan Soloman has one of the best overviews of the week I’ve seen, so go read it.

It’s about economics, all of this, but it uses sex as a weapon, uses women’s bodies as a pawn in the fight. Women, and our bodies, and sex. Well, I think it scares the hell out of people.

Senator Wendy Davis and her fierce badassery supporting women, families and yes, sexuality, scares our Governor so much that he actually called her out for being a single mother! Check this out!

PERRY: “In fact, even the woman who filibustered the Senate the other day was born into difficult circumstances. She was the daughter of as single woman, she was a teenage mother herself.”

Way to stay, classy! Hear that loud noise, Goodhair? That rumbling is the sound of thousands of people lining up to work on Wendy Davis’ Gubernatorial Campaign. Don’t push, everyone, I want in too!

In other Texas sex news, a wonderful friend of mine wants to be a minister. She went through seminary and got smacked down from ordination because she is a lesbian. I wrote about it here in The Sin Of Disconnection, and the Austin Chronicle has done a great article on it here as well.

She’s a lesbian so she can’t be ordained. As I said earlier, some of this business has to do with church laws and what it means to be ordained and if a person is “practicing” their homosexuality, a phrase so laughable as to be sad. I mean, I suppose it’s a practice, in that the more you practice love, patience, connection, commitment, and yes, sex, the better you get. In which case, dang I want a minister who is good at her relationships! In addition to that, we don’t have marriage equity here, nor are their any real protections for LGBT youth in place.

The message seems to be that if you have sex in Texas, it’s at your own risk. Don’t look to the state to help you out in any way, not in teaching you about your body, not in helping provide basic health care and support for women, not in helping you make a private choice with your doctor, not in keeping hospitals secular instead of religious based, and certainly not in helping any babies you do have stay well and protected while you work and earn money for your family.

And if you are gay? Well, just forget about it. Don’t bother.

But people do bother. People have sex. It’s important to them and to who they are. They won’t not have sex just because cranky conservatives tell them so. People flood BedPost Confessions each month to hear stories (TO TELL STORIES) about sexuality and the human condition. We need to talk about it, to hear each other, and to reclaim it as a wonderful thing.

Brene Brown has written eloquently about how shame keeps people trapped, how toxic it is. Telling stories opens us all up to freedom and health. Just saying words out loud to yourself is power.
“Sex.” “Love.” “I’m Gay/Straight/Bi/Trans/Lesbian.”

Take away shame and you get pride. The more pride the more power. The more power, the more ability we’ll have to collaborate, work in concert, in solidarity to change this.

It’s not just happening here in Texas by the way. It’s happening in Ohio, right now too. Today. There is a bill that would do extraordinary damage to family planning, including contraception use, which of course is tied to what? Sex!

“In Ohio and elsewhere, family-planning clinics typically provide a range of women’s health services, like cancer screenings, blood pressure tests and contraceptive services.

Judy Waxman, vice president for health and reproductive rights at the National Women’s Law Center, says the vast majority of women who are sexually active have used contraception at some point in their lives.

“So on one level, we as a nation have recognized that contraceptives are not only what everybody uses, but they also are very important for women’s health,” she says. “There is, however, a minority of politicians who try to use any issue related to ‘sex’ to make some kind of political hay out of it.”

Can you imagine having your doctor not be able to give you contraception unless you jump through hoops, possibly including vaginal sonograms, because someone doesn’t think you should have sex? I took my birth control pill today with both pride and anger, anger that we have to deal with this crap, but with the knowledge that I was gonna keep boosting the signal on it.

Check out the livestream here and please also tweet your support to #standwithohio and #veto4women.

Follow me at @julesabouttown for more updates on Texas and beyond. Get active, stay involved. And never be ashamed that you have a body, that you are a human being with human drives.

Sex is a good thing. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.