Letters of Hope: You’re going to be okay

The Sin City Siren

There is more than one kind of independence this Fourth of July (or any time). You can assert your independence by doing something on your own. And you can gain independence — liberation — from something or someone which has power over you. This week, I hope you will join me in promoting both. I ask you to share this and all the stories — part 1 and part 2 — this week while using the hashtag #HopeLetters.

Today’s letter comes from Make Me A Sammich blogger Rosie. Rosie blogs at Make Me a Sammich, a ranty, sometimes funny, sometimes dead-serious blog about being a woman in the USA (and beyond). Follow her on Twitter at @MMASammich.


Dear Me,

When you were little, you had this vague vision of what your life would be like based on experience to that time: You would be popular…

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