Five TV shows with kickass female characters

Words by Nicole Froio.

Did you know that only 30% of TV writers in the United States are women? That means that 70% of the content consumed by the American public is written by men, and the result is often painful to watch. Situation comedies like Everybody Loves Raymond and According to Jim are on my most hated list because the women have no depth to them – except for the fact that they are wives and get angry because of (supposedly) stupid things. Ain’t that hilarious ha ha ha, Debra is yelling at Ray again, what a bitch.

Actually, no it’s not hilarious. It is, quite frankly, the equivalent of a fart joke. I’m not saying that all women on TV are badly written. But the ones who are make me wonder if the writers have ever interacted with females at all. Are their wives’ lives revolved around them? Do they have…

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