The oppression white feminists tend to ignore

Words by Nicole Froio.


The case of Trayvon Martin has been widely compared to that of Emmett Till, a young black man who was murdered in 1955 for wolf-whistling at a white female shopkeeper. Later that night two white men crept into Emmett’s room, kidnapped him, beat him and shot him dead.

Though Trayvon and Emmett were victims of atrocious crimes that no doubt had to do with their race, Emmett’s story is one that intrigues me because of it sexual politics. Though it might seem harmless to many wolf-whistling is sexual harassment. And doing so to a white woman was a death sentence since the ‘purity’ of her womanhood would be tainted.

There are no excuses for the deaths of these men, and there is nothing I can add to the discussion of violence against young men like them. But in reading an article about Emmett’s cousin, who was sleeping next to him…

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