Men Must Challenge Sexism

What's left of the Left?




(Originally published by National Collective on 06/09/2013)

I am a feminist and a male. Thankfully there exists a few of us. Yet the idea of a male feminist still seems to confuse many men. Indeed after a blog post of mine, exposing a sexist pub quiz in Glasgow went viral last month, I received many tweets and comments from men who seemed not just confused by my identification, but also angry about it. Angry that a man, part of their male collective, would identify as a feminist. Yet I, as a male, occupy a privileged position in society that I was born into due to an imposed patriarchal structure in society; and to ignore that is wrong. And to ignore the atmosphere that the male collective creates, and maintains, is not a position any man should take. That atmosphere is a misogynistic and sexist one, one that places…

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