Fuck You, Hanna Rosin

Gravity's Wings

[TW: Trivializing rape, marginalizing oppressed groups]

So if you missed it, a week ago Hanna Rosin (of the book The End of Men), wrote a piece in Slate, titled The Patriarchy is Dead. It is, without a doubt, the worst piece I have read in months (not counting various wingnut screeds, of course, but even then, this piece beats some of them). It’s insulting, marginalizing, at times rambling or incoherent, and outright rage-inducingly offensive. So let’s tear it apart, shall we?

Her basic premise is that patriarchy (or, as she calls it, The Patriarchy) is either dead or disappearing, and feminists have grown so accustomed to fighting it that they can’t let it go. She says that feminists “want to vent about their frustrations, not hear how they’ve prevailed” and that they have “some irrational attachment to the concept of unfair.”

For instance, she says this:

The women…

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