Why don’t we call out Justin Timberlake on his rape culture songs?

Words by Nicole Froio.


Let me preface this blog by saying that I love Justin Timberlake’s songs. He headlined the third day of the Rock in Rio festival and he oozes with talent and charisma. It’s truly incredible to see him on stage with his band, The Tennessee Kids – who are marvellous by the way, and looked to be having a blast dancing and playing.

But during a very challenging conversation today I realized that Justin doesn’t get nearly as much criticism as Robin Thicke when he sings songs that perpetuate rape culture. Of course Blurred Lines was designed to demean woman (as it was admitted by the lovely singer of the song) – as a woman I was deeply disturbed by the music video. I have never been offended by any of Justin’s videos but after thinking about it – though still admitting I love his music – it’s clear to me…

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