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High Tech Panties Won’t Stop Rape

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:
There is currently an Indiegogo campaign created by AR Wear for a line that they call Anti-Rape Clothing. These garments, which include a pair of boy-cut brief-style panties, running shorts, leggings and “travelling shorts,” are allegedly designed and built to be unremovable except by the owner, who has some…

This, Right Here, Is The Problem

Originally posted on shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows:
Penny Arcade strip for 14 October 2013. This, right here, is what the male gaze looks like; and this, right here, is also why it’s a fucking problem. Orange is the New Black is a Netflix original show about women in prison. Though not without problematic elements, as…

It’s Not a Movie and We’re Not Buffy

Originally posted on Make Me a Sammich:
(image via [Trigger Warning for discussion of rape.] Why didn’t you fight back?  There was a hammer nearby—why didn’t you use it to defend yourself? Why didn’t you scream? There were houses nearby—someone would have heard you. You were carrying a knife—why didn’t you stab him? These…