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When Men on the Left Refuse to See Their Sexism

Originally posted on Muslim Reverie:
TRIGGER WARNING: This post cites examples of misogynistic language, gender slurs, sexual objectification, and other forms of sexist oppression. A couple of weeks ago, I came across an article on Vice that was oddly titled, “You’re a Pussy If You Think There’s a War on Men.” It seemed clear that…

A Good Men’s Rights Movement Is Hard to Find

Via The American Prospect: The list of grievances for MRAs is long. It includes the elevated rate of suicide for men, educational discrimination against boys, economic and workplace conditions for men, violence against men, false rape reporting, fathers’ rights in custody battles, rates of male imprisonment and prison conditions, and the horrors of war. Many of […]

Review: Lulu

Originally posted on Words by Nicole Froio.:
First I was appalled. No human being deserves to be treated as an object and publicly rated for their worth as a date, partner and/or hook up. After reading countless rants with the usual argument of ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’ and how…

Why I Am Out

Originally posted on Make Me a Sammich:
Guest Post by Fran Stewart Fran surprised me with another wonderful post today in honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance. Enjoy. ~Rosie (TDoR 2013) via The Guerilla Angel Report My name’s Fran Stewart, and I’m a transgender woman. “Transgender” is an intensely personal term, and it means different…

238 names for #TDOR | GLAAD

via GLAAD: This year we’ll be reading 238 predominately Black and Latina names as we gather in our TDOR venues, light candles, say our prayers, give our speeches, and decompress from grieving about the people we’ve lost after these worldwide 15th anniversary Transgender Day of Remembrance memorials conclude. And we’re fed up with doing so. Read […]

The Objectification of Women – It Goes Much Further Than Sexy Pictures

Originally posted on Crates and Ribbons:
When feminists decry the objectification of women, most people immediately think of the images that saturate our magazines, movies, adverts and the Internet, of women in varying stages of undress, dolled up and presented for the male gaze. Yet, while sexual objectification is a huge problem, it is, sadly,…

‘Hey beautiful’ is the same as any other street harassment

Originally posted on Words by Nicole Froio.:
Source: It was a sunny day so I was wearing my shades, shorts and an airy blouse. I was already late so I hurried without taking the usual care of avoiding the dirty bar right in front of my house, where fat hairy middle aged men were…