Men, you’ve got the power

Words by Nicole Froio.

smash it

A year and a half ago a Brazilian comedian tweeted comments about a woman’s way of dress. He said that if women took photos showing off their asses they should expect to be treated as objects and shouldn’t complain. He concluded ‘They say women are influenced to turn into these sh*ts’.

A few months ago someone posted on Facebook how much they liked a female journalist’s work. The first comment, quite off topic, was written by a man and it said ‘She’d get it’.

There are two things that connect these situations: the blatant objectification of women and the weak justifications that came after. When he was called out on it, the comedian, YouTube star Felipe Neto, defended himself with the ol’ censorship excuse: ‘repressing criticism generates the true discrimination’, he said, after claiming he would have said the same about a shirtless man.

The guy who commented on…

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