‘Hey beautiful’ is the same as any other street harassment

Words by Nicole Froio.

It was a sunny day so I was wearing my shades, shorts and an airy blouse. I was already late so I hurried without taking the usual care of avoiding the dirty bar right in front of my house, where fat hairy middle aged men were already getting drunk at one in the afternoon.

A man shouted in my direction, it was something rude, but I brushed it off, making a mental note to avoid the place when I made my way back home.

Relieved to have passed the bar I continued to make my way to the metro station, but I hadn’t even walked half a block from my house when another middle aged man sat with two of his mates harassed me.

“Hey, beautiful”

I turned around and told him to f*ck off. I was absolutely livid. I work from home so I don’t go out as often…

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