Review: Lulu

Words by Nicole Froio.


First I was appalled. No human being deserves to be treated as an object and publicly rated for their worth as a date, partner and/or hook up. After reading countless rants with the usual argument of ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’ and how this wasn’t a good move for feminism I decided to take my own conclusions and review the app myself.

This is how it works: all reviews are anonymous. The only thing other people will know about you is your level of intimacy with the boy being reviewed. He can be your crush, ex-boyfriend, former hook up, boyfriend or friend. Your questions will be based on your relationship to the boy.

And as expected the questions are pretty dumb, unrealistic and out of touch. It seems like the developers of this app objectified the users as well as the men being reviewed: what…

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