Shut up about Beyoncé already

Words by Nicole Froio.


Is Beyoncé a feminist? Here’s the short answer: yes. The long answer will be a blog I am writing out of wariness because I am honestly sick of the whole discussion. Let’s be clear about this: women do not need a feminist badge that is approved by every feminist on the internet. It’s gotten to a point that Beyoncé is simply being attacked by people who have not even studied her work – which is fine, but also misleading.

Beyoncé, the studio album, is a concept masterpiece that focuses on black womanhood, sexual pleasure between two consenting, married adults, love for Beyoncé’s daughter and grief for Aaliyah. In my humble opinion it is impossible to judge her ‘feminist credentials’ (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean) without really getting to grips with the message she is trying to get across.

Sexual liberation


Beyoncé’s album is full of explicit, sexual…

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