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Because I Didn’t Do Enough – #RWA14

From Amy Jo Cousins at …I learned, or was reminded, of how well trained I am to shrug off harassment, to ignore being mistreated by someone, to declare that “it’s no big deal” when a man is inappropriate. I also learned, or was reminded, of how much easier it is to access my ability […]

The Missing Stairs of Feminism

Originally posted on Make Me a Sammich:
Image: Flickr user kke227 Ugh. I’ve been working on this post on and off for weeks, but have been so disgusted and discouraged (and clinically depressed, as it happens), it’s been really challenging to get it finished and put it out there. It’s not the sort of thing…

Carrying Jada: When ‘Standing With’ Isn’t Enough.

Originally posted on Stacia L. Brown:
Two nights ago, I sat in our bedroom on the third floor with the window open. You were already asleep. The night breeze carried the voices of a cabal of teen boys walking beneath. There is a steep grassy hill behind our building. I never take you to play…

July 10

Excommunicating Feminism in the Mormon Church

It’s My Body And I’ll Do What I Want To: The Politics of Body Hair