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Because I Didn’t Do Enough – #RWA14

From Amy Jo Cousins at …I learned, or was reminded, of how well trained I am to shrug off harassment, to ignore being mistreated by someone, to declare that “it’s no big deal” when a man is inappropriate. I also learned, or was reminded, of how much easier it is to access my ability […]

The Missing Stairs of Feminism

Carrying Jada: When ‘Standing With’ Isn’t Enough.

Originally posted on Stacia L. Brown:
Two nights ago, I sat in our bedroom on the third floor with the window open. You were already asleep. The night breeze carried the voices of a cabal of teen boys walking beneath. There is a steep grassy hill behind our building. I never take you to play…

July 10

Excommunicating Feminism in the Mormon Church

It’s My Body And I’ll Do What I Want To: The Politics of Body Hair