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On misogyny in the gay community

Originally posted on Words by Nicole Froio.:
[Content note: mention of anti-blackness slur, misogyny and homophobia] Sometimes I get asked to go on BBC World Have Your Say, an awesome international service radio program that seeks to cover news and opinions around the world. Right before the World Cup I got asked to speak on the…

Sheffield United need to listen up: rape is not acceptable

Originally posted on Another angry woman:
Content note: this post discusses rape and rape apologism At the time of writing, Sheffield United are still refusing to make a definitive statement on whether they will re-sign the rapist Ched Evans to the club. This decision is looking more bizarre by the day, as a scramble to…

put your damn shirt back on: my adventures in demisexuality

November 04

The Dismissal of Womanly Pain and Pressure to be the Strong Woman

Originally posted on Words by Nicole Froio.:
When I was thirteen, my fellow classmates made fun of my moustache and bushy eyebrows. The feminist woman I have become would like to say I ignored them and wore my facial hair with pride, but that is not what happened. I started waxing off the hairs on…