On being a ‘perpetual victim’

Words by Nicole Froio.

A recent trend of anti-feminists and violence against women apologists has been to say feminists treat women like ‘perpetual victims.’ This assertion is completely untrue and can be very damaging if we are ever to have a society where women feel comfortable speaking out against what bothers/has traumatized them.

The ‘perpetual victim’ trope is usually used to delegitimize women when they speak out against something they dislike or something that has traumatized them. I have seen it be used against women in all kinds of situations. Calling out abusive behaviour online, speaking out against sexual assault, pressing rape charges, any mention of street harassment, sexism or misogyny, etc etc etc – these will all warrant a “stop making yourself into a victim!” speech from someone.

In the real world, where we are all human despite how society treats us, we are all vulnerable to becoming victims. Despite this general vulnerability…

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