The Problem With A Lively Debate

Dances With Fat

You Cannot Be SeriousThe Facebook page “Unpacking the “F” word” posted a quote from my blog:

“Fat people have the right to exist in fat bodies regardless of how we got fat, what being fat means, or if we could be thin through some means – however easy or difficult. There are no other valid opinions on this – we have the right to exist without shaming, bullying or stigmatization, period.”

There is now a lively debate going on about whether or not this is true. And that is incredibly, completely, and totally fucked up.  Let’s be clear about what that interaction is:

I (and other fat people) say:  “I have the right to exist.”

Other people say:  “Well, that’s debatable.”

No, it’s really not.  The answer to someone’s insistence that they have the right to basic human respect regardless of their appearance should never be “Not unless you can prove it…

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