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Sex In Texas? At Your Own Risk. Ohio Too!

Reblogged from Julie Gillis Those of you who have known me for awhile know that I’m a big proponent of sex. Sex. I said it. Heck my testimony for SB5 which Texas State Senator Wendy Davis read for the RECORD, said SEX. Sex is a normal human biological drive. People have sex. People worry about […]

Texas Women: You Can’t Shut Them Down

Reblogged from Julie Gillis I don’t entirely know what to say about HB60 and the Texas Filibuster. I headed down to the Capitol early, but got a message that the hearing wouldn’t start until about 5 pm. I was hosting BedPost Confessions, and so I put my energy there, keeping track of what might be […]

Words Mean Things: Cascade Effects, Faberge Organics, and Lindy West

Reblogged from Julie Gillis I have been watching and tweeting about a nearly year long ongoing twitter/social media conversation? Debate? Argument? about rape jokes, censorship, freedom, and more. Lindy West, a comic and writer, has been squarely in the middle of it from her posts on Jezebel about rape jokes and comedy, to her debate […]

Glen Canning and Facebook’s Moral Compass

Reblogged from I’ve written recently about the ongoing campaign against Facebook’s content policy; you know, the one that takes down pages and images of breastfeeding, but allows pages and images of women being beaten or raped? Or Klansmen in watermelon fields? At the very least there should be consistency, yes? If you link on […]

Ouroboros and The Onion

Reblogged from Julie Gillis I’ve performed a lot of comedy in the last 10 years. Mostly, those performances were improv based, long-form narrative story telling, but I’ve done a great deal of emcee work as well as some funny monologues. I’ve produced a women’s comedy festival for the past 6 years and have watched a […]