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Texas Women: You Can’t Shut Them Down

Reblogged from Julie Gillis I don’t entirely know what to say about HB60 and the Texas Filibuster. I headed down to the Capitol early, but got a message that the hearing wouldn’t start until about 5 pm. I was hosting BedPost Confessions, and so I put my energy there, keeping track of what might be […]

Abortion and a revolution #ChangeBrazil

via The Outlier Collective: In Brazil there is a law in the process of being passed that strip all women of the control of their own bodies. If the law is passed, an embryo will have the full rights of a living person, and abortion – in all cases – will be considered murder. The bill […]

Ask an Abortion Provider | The Hairpin

via  Ask an Abortion Provider | The Hairpin: Hello! I am a person who is training to become an abortion provider. As you can imagine, it is really fucking weird to be one of me, especially lately! I think maybe you have some questions? Read more: Ask an Abortion Provider | The Hairpin.