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[TW] Why I had to unfollow @everydaysexism

via Speak Out, Reach Out, Camp Out:  If there was a way I new on Twitter of following someone without their posts appearing in my feed, that is what I would do for @EverydaySexism. I had to unfollow them today. I wish I hadn’t needed to, because I wholeheartedly support what they are trying to do, […]

“So Raped” by Megan McFoley

via The Rumpus.net: For a long March week all we see is Steubenville. The cold won’t let up, and the headlines don’t stop: Teen boys, photos, drunk girl, rape. There’s no escaping the story, partly because mainstream media outlets screw up—they chastise the bone-headedness of the rapists’ inadvertent cell phone confessions, as if that were their primary misstep, […]

Consent: For the Rape Apologists

via Finding My Virginity: Consent: For the Rape Apologists. It’s time for this country to create a conversation about a bizarrely controversial topic.   I’m talking about consent.   For whatever reason, we’re still stuck in this backwards culture of victim-blaming. Then, when I have the “gall” to point out how fucked up victim-blaming is, rape […]

Five Year Old Indian Girl Kidnapped, Sexually Assaulted and Left For Dead

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:
Trigger warning for rape, sexual assault, abduction, torture and murder. A reader from India asked me to blog about this at the end of last week. At the time, I told her that I was feeling burned out, but promised to write about it on Monday or Tuesday. I’ve…


Originally posted on Julie Gillis:
First things first. Please go and read this searing and sensitive post by the amazing Anne Theriault of thebellejar blog. I’m putting trigger warnings on it and all the links it contains because it is about the kidnapping, rape and torture of a five year old girl in India. Because…