Jonathan Chait’s “Not A Very P.C. Thing To Say” in a nutshell

The Belle Jar

Today in New York Magazine, Jonathan Chait discusses how hard it is to be a white man these days. In case you don’t have the time or moral energy to read his 5,000 word opus of angst, here’s a brief rundown.

1. If this article seems familiar, it’s because you’ve read it before. Not only that, but you’ve experience it in various iterations in conversations both online and in real life. This article is that guy from your philosophy class on Facebook, the one who Kool-Aid mans his way into any discussion about feminism to tell you that he’s a humanist. This article is that sweaty, overbearing man at a party who corners you and asks you about fifty times in a row to admit that political correctness has just gone too far, but when you try to respond to him he just talks over you. This article is the Sad Progressive…

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